Best Response - How do I login to Aurora Student?

Logging in to your Aurora Student Account

A link to Aurora Student can be found on the University of Manitoba homepage at, under Current Students.  Click on this link to get to the Aurora Student page.  To login, select the 'Enter Secure Area' option and enter your student number and PIN. First time students - do not use your 'Application PIN'. Follow the instructions on the log in page.

The first time you login to Aurora Student you will be prompted to select two security questions and answers.  Please choose these questions carefully; make sure that the answer is something you will not forget and something that only you will be able to properly answer.

ANYONE WHO CAN ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS WILL BE ABLE TO GAIN FULL ACCESS TO YOUR STUDENT ACCOUNT!  Avoid using punctuation in the response, as you must be able to respond with the exact answer.  The system will require all of the spaces, exclamation marks, questions marks, apostrophes, and other special characters to be the exact same as they were entered into the original answer.

If it is your first time using Aurora, you will also be required to read and accept the user agreement to proceed.

When you are finished using Aurora Student, please make sure to exit out by clicking 'Exit' in the upper right-hand corner and close your browser window to protect your account security.

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