Best Response - What is my staff/student number or user ID?

Determining your Staff/Student Number or User ID

Your 'User ID' means your student number in Aurora.  This will be the same one you have always used at the University of Manitoba, and it is displayed prominently on the front of your student or staff card.  The number on your card will read 22212-X-STUDENT NUMBER-X, (the Xs represent any number 0-9).  The 7 digits in between the Xs is your student/staff number.

If you are a first time student and don't know your number yet, the number is displayed on your acceptance letter.  Most other letters of any kind from the University of Manitoba should also contain your student number, but it may be referred to as a 'reference number'.

New staff members will have to wait until their first payday has come before they are on the system to get a staff ID.  Your staff number is displayed on your paystub.

If you are looking for your password or login name for ANGEL, JUMP, WebCT, ClaimID, or any other type of computer accounts aside from Aurora then please contact Computer Accounts for assistance. 


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