Best Response - How do I drop a class?

How do I drop a class?

Dropping Classes/Dropping Out

It is advised that students speak with an academic advisor before making major changes to your class schedule because they may affect your full-time status, financial aid, and/or graduation plans. For more information on the consequences of withdrawing from classes please see here.

If you still wish to drop a class please follow these instructions:
1. Sign into Aurora
2. Select Enrolment & Academic Records
3. Select Registration and Exams
4. Select Add or Drop Classes
5. Select the Term you would like to drop classes from and Submit
6. Find the course you would like to drop, under Action select the drop down menu and select one of the following options:
• Drop Web – available until the end of the term’s drop date
• Voluntary Withdrawal Web – available after the drop date until the voluntarily withdrawal (VW) deadline. After the VW deadline there will be no option to drop a course through Aurora. 
7. Select Submit Changes at the bottom of the screen.
8. Confirm the course has been dropped by checking your Registration History. 

For information about the deadlines for dropping a class please see here.


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