Best Response - When is my final exam?


If you have any questions about a mid-term exam, whether to appeal a grade, to change or defer an exam date, or questions about grades, please contact your faculty. The schedules or results for mid-term exams are available only through your course instructor.

The final exam schedule for regular term classes is posted online at  It is your responsibility to check that you have no exam conflicts, and to be available to write the exam.  Vacations are not an acceptable excuse for missing or rescheduling an exam.  Please familiarize yourself with the University of Manitoba exam policies if you need to defer an exam.

Summer session exams are scheduled in advance of registration and are published as part of the class schedule information.  It is your responsibility to ensure at the point of registration that you will be available to write the final exam at the time indicated. The final exam must be written as scheduled and will not be re-scheduled due to conflicts. 


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