Best Response - How do I apply as an international student?

International Students

The University of Manitoba welcomes students from all around the world to study.  Because there are many steps to the application process, it is strongly recommended that international students apply early to make sure that no deadlines are missed and that all of your necessary documents reach us in time.  To answer all of your questions, please read the international student admissions section carefully to make sure you have taken all of the necessary steps.  Make sure to check if you have met the general entrance requirements and if you have fulfilled the English language proficiency requirement.  Unfortunately, some programs like medicine are not open to international students. Admission requirements can be reviewed here.

The International Centre for Students on campus helps international students make their stay at the University of Manitoba a pleasant one.  Please visit their website to find out how they can help you before you arrive in Canada by showing you how to apply for a study permit, plan for how much university is going to cost, information on how to obtain the required Canadian health insurance, and what to do after you have arrived.  Our English Language Centre offers different ESL courses and programs that can assist you in meeting our English language proficiency requirement and make your time here with us successful.


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