Best Response - How do I view course descriptions?

How Do I View Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are brief descriptions of what a course will cover. They are used to give you an idea of what you?ll be doing in a course.* (See sample below)

Course descriptions can be view through the course catalogue.

To find course descriptions through the course catalogue:
? Select the term you would like to view classes for.
? Select a subject to view all courses being offered under that subject, or use advanced search to find a specific course.
? Select the course you want to view
? Click on the 5 digit CRN number for the course.
? From here, click the link labeled ?view catalogue entry?
? This is the course description.

Course descriptions are also available in aurora, under ?look up classes?
*Please note that course descriptions are not the same as the courses Syllabus. Syllabi have a lot more information pertaining to the course, and are released to students on the course on the first day.

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