Best Response - What is the cost of tuition and fees?

For a general estimate of tuition by program or other costs of studying at the U of M and living in Manitoba, please see: Paying for University.

Calculating your fees: Tuition + Endowment + Technology Services Fee + Student Services Fees + Student Organization + Other Compulsory and/or Incidental Fees

The assessment and calculation of your tuition and other fees is initiated by registration and is dependent on the program in which you are enroled – you may be assessed tuition fees by credit hour, or program-based fees. Other factors may affect your tuition fees, such as your course load, the faculty offering the course, and your citizenship/residency status in Canada.  Students in most faculties will also be assessed endowments fees, usually calculated per credit hour.

All students are assessed the Technology Services Fee and Student Services Fees. Depending on your program of study, Other Compulsory Fees may apply. Lab Fees are assessed for courses with a lab component; Field Work fees are assessed for courses with a Field Work component.

In addition, you may be assessed Student Organization Fees, UMSU Health & Dental insurance fees, and/or other Incidental Fees – this is usually dependent on your full- or part-time status, whether you are primarily a Distance Education student, or the courses that you are taking.

Books are purchased separately.

See:  Fee Information, Fee Payment and Deadlines, UMSU Health & Dental Plan



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