Best Response - What programs do you offer?

Academic Programs

The University of Manitoba offers over 100 degree, diploma, and certificate programs. Programs are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level, with masters and doctoral degrees offered in many of our academic departments.

Undergraduate students with no prior university experience will enter one of our direct entry programs, while students with previous post-secondary experience may apply to our advanced entry programs. Our Extended Education department also offers certificate and diploma programs, as well as individual courses and seminars.

Admission Requirements and Applying

To view admission requirements and to apply please visit our Apply for Admission page.

Courses Offered

A complete list of all of our undergraduate and graduate courses is available in our online Registration Guide. This site provides descriptions of course topics, prerequisite information, and timetable availability. If you are looking for specific graduate and undergraduate program policies and requirements, please see the online Academic Calendar.

The First Year Planning Guide is an online resource to help guide students through decisions about first year course selection and degree planning.


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